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Chrysalis Enterprise

We specialise in helping clients make strategy happen by delivering long term performance improvements so they can "become the change they wish to see."

We work at a practical level utilising tried and tested methodology for the purpose of identifying and taking actions that matter.



No two client companies are the same.  Chrysalis Enterprise specialises in helping companies to navigate the challenges of change by working in partnership to develop and implement tailored solutions that will deliver organisational capability and build support.  

We will do this by becoming a part of your team and learning about your business and your challenges.  Information gleaned will enable us to tailor a programme appropriate to your situation.

In essense our core philosophy is to provide an objective lense to help businesses to help themselves.  We will engage by listening to what our clients say and operate with honesty and integrity.

T R I E D   &   T E S T E D   P R O C E S S

W E   A R E   L O C A T E D   I N   N E L S O N  /  T A S M A N  

Based in Nelson we are flexible where we operate and combine remote and face to face working.

We commute as required and utilise Skype, email and phone to provide guidance on raising performance and enhancing workplace practices.

We come to you and work with you.

Welcome to Chrysalis Enterprise.

Trained in human resources, business and organisational development, we engage businesses at a strategic level.  Applying cross-sector experiences and harnessing proven management systems, tools and methodologies we provide solutions that will help companies adapt and respond to todays rapid changes.  

We will work in close partnership with you to understand what makes your business tick and identify ways to improve business performance.  Our complementary Company Health Check is a first step, which covers fundermental elements.










Chrysalis Enterprise provides business mentoring & coaching services to help clients implement new business strategies, plan for the future and achieve business growth.  Our personalised coaching and mentoring enables us to put an objective lens on the goals you wish to achieve.  


We are passionate about supporting business owners to solve their current problems.  To achieve this we will work closely with the business and provide education and guidance designed to create practical solutions with a view to the business becoming independent in solving future issues.


Experienced in consultancy and company intervention we work alongside organisations to assess, plan for and strengthen their capability.    Skill set has been developed working in public and private sectors, supporting management and organisational development.