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People & Change


Operations & Risk


Many companies face challenges associated with people matters and changing workplace dynamics.  Having the right people in-place with the right attitude to positive change is essential to an organisations success.  Our focus is to help align a businesses priorities with it's peoples contributions and goals as well as support change initiatives and influence workplace effectiveness through its leaders, teams and individuals. We do this by providing guidance, tools & techniques and support that will strengthen your organisations sustainable performance.  

Strategy & Direction


Without doubt, a sound strategy and clear focus will help a company's leaders to create its future and provide a framework for success.  Whether you're seeking growth or exit, our services are designed to support you in the development and execution of your strategy.  We will look deeply at your business through an external lens and engage with key staff to identify and implement measurable improvements. Throughout the process we will partner with you, providing ongoing support to ensure your strategy and its implementation provides a sustainable future.

Success in business hinges on strategic agility and the ability to execute key actions.

•  Are you satisfied with how your work is getting


•  Are your processes and procedures working? 

•  Can workers readily take on tasks you need to


•  Is your worklife balance what you would like it to


Risk is synonymous to being in business and can be managed to mitigate adverse outcomes.   An organisations biggest risk is doing nothing!

Organisation Performance


Organisational Development is a systematic approach which aligns strategy, people and processes, whilst developing a culture and style of leadership that will enable a company to deliver optimum performance.  

Chrysalis Enterprise are able to work with you to prepare your company for the future by taking steps which will create an environment that allows workers to understand, embody and deliver your organisation's objectives.

As a business owner operator, you'll be aware of the need to work on your business, not just in it.   You're also likely to know that to be sustainable, your business – you – requires commitment to making strategic choices, along with an intent to invest in your resources now to gain long-term survival.

Our engagements are linked to strengthening business practices and developing sustainable performance. Which includes crafting realistic plans for succession and exit, i.e.:  building organisation capable to achieve its strategic goals and the transfer of leadership from one generation to the next.