Eligible businesses that meet the basic criteria may receive assistance for up to 50% towards the cost of some programmes!  The voucher value can be anything up to $5,000 in any one financial year.

Use the button below if you would like to explore your eligibility for a voucher towards qualifying services.

Government Funding

Chrysalis Enterprise is a registered provider for business improvement services under the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, business & management capability scheme.

Small Business Engagement


If you're a business wanting to strengthen your operations, improve profitability and influence positive attitudes to become a high-performing organisation, our strategic leadership programme "STREAMING" may be suitable.  Especially if you're seeking to clarify direction, initiate change and gain a deep-level of support in developing and executing a workable strategy.  

This programme is eligible for the above funding.


We are committed to offering a 50% discount to registered charities and not-for-profit organisation‚Äôs, which is subject to availability.   If you'd like to explore this further please speak with us.

Not-For-Profit  / Charity Bursary