The Engaging Leader


Research indicates that most people would do anything to avoid a difficult conversation and would rather put up with a negative situation than discuss it. Stressful situations, especially potential conflict, drains staff resources and will inevitably impact negatively on workplace culture and productivity.

The Engaging Leader

This interactive workshop will put a lens on how you engage as a leader, with an emphasis on building your skills to have deliberate authentic conversations that deliver frequent and honest feedback and tackle any situation more directly. Such situations can include:

sudden declines in performance

inappropriate conduct

personal problems


• securring errors/unresolved problems

Drawing from real examples, throughout the session you will have opportunity to apply your learning and practice engaging in a difficult conversation.

Benefits / outcomes

develop confidence to engage in difficult conversations effectively

identify connections between engaging leadership and high-performance

apply a practical framework for approaching a difficult conversation

gain tools & techniques to successfully engage difficult conversations

engage in a constructive conversation while tackling a difficult topic

This workshop is for anyone wanting to:

acquire a disciplined and repeatable route toward honest conversations

make their organisation more effective and high-performing

increase the levels of internal trust and commitment

extend their skill-set to include engaging leadership through difficult conversations

Suitable for

Individuals who wish to adjust their leadership style and acquire new tools to engage and develop effective teams.


• half-day interactive workshop - 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm

• draw from real-life examples

• public workshop, it can also be tailored to in-house requirements

RBP Registered Service

This workshop is registered with the Management Capability Development Fund. 

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