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                                       FEEDBACK RECOMMENDATIONS


In every session there was something appropriate to implement, to change perspective. I gained tools,

   inspiration & motivation to take my business to the next level. Taking time-out has proved invaluable to

   see fresh perspective, change perspective, identify potential, to learn and to implement change.

•  The course highlights the importance of having a clear, concise direction for your business. It allows you

    to take a step back from everyday work duties and focus on what is important to yourself and your

    business.  Nigel is very effective in his communication and is passionate about helping us grow ourselves

    and our business.

•  Tangible results. Culture within my business has already changed drastically.



  •  Feedback I've received has been awesome, I'm now getting everything aligned

  •  This first session was really good, motivating, something I value really highly

  •  Has been a real eye opener for me to date

  •  Being in limbo all these years.  Building on my toolbox helped me identify A1 clients.  Valuable, pertinent information -


  •  Enjoyed the networking and sharing of information and feedback from other people on the course

  •  Great way of developing self confidence and guidance in business management

  •  Loved small "class" numbers.  Safe, informative way to really discover what is important to you and your work or


  •  Whatever your business or role within a business this course is invaluable       

  •  Useful to inform how we will structure the business.  Process we're going through is having transference to others in  

     the business - making a huge difference to what we're doing in the business.

  •  Scratched top off deep issues, prompted to consider ...., lot's to think about.  Nice to have direction.

  •  Decided to do things differently, timing going well - gelling.

  •  Started to revise direction....   More focused.  

  •  Appreciate support on key strategic issues - major concern has been to do the right thing  

  •  Session - full on, pulled together ..., exercise really good  

  •  It has taken me out of my own bubble to reflect on myself and my reasoning.  It is interesting.  It is going to help with

     my future planning and my own personal thought structure. I am sure that it's going to help with clear decision making

  •  I've been taken back by results of this exercise.....  Raised my awareness ....  

  •  This programme has rubbed off from me and onto staff!   .... there's a more positive air about the place and a

     change in attitude - friendly, engages something has clicked, made everybody think about ..

  •  Trust and confidentially - Nigel's style built this up really well.  Got the group to gell quite well, unusually so

  •  Time out and commitment to attend proved worthwhile

  •  Tools supporting decision making, gave clarity to business decision

  •  Amazing changes with so many benefits.  Each step made a huge difference. Investment gave a clear mind, right

     direction and progress .....

  • It's really good to have some direction.  Loving it.   ………..   Experiencing real growth for self and business.  Seeing

     real value.  Doing good.  Increased awareness has made me think. ………  Getting a huge amount from this

     programme.  Reflective - Difference is incredible - knowing you're on the right track

  •  More than satisfied.  We're now in a stronger place.  Fantastic

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