For leaders who believe focused development presents a competitive edge.


Chrysalis Capability Enhancements

Coaching & Mentoring

The interchangeable practices of coaching and mentoring are embedded throughout all our activities. From personalised executive coaching to an integrated service within a leadership programme.  These practices offer objective, targeted support through business focused strategic conversations.


Establishing strong leadership at every level throughout a company is a key component for attaining sustainable performance.  Engage stakeholders and understand what leadership is required to cope with the demands of an ever-changing world.


Engaging Leader

Difficult Conversations


Strategic Leadership

Navigating turbulent complex challenges in today's volatile world


Emerging Leaders


Training & Development

As the world of work continues to evolve, there's a pressing need for businesses to keep abreast of what is needed.   With this in mind, we provide learning events throughout the year to help business owners and key staff adapt to change and update their skillset.  All events are designed and delivered workshop style, i.e.: interactive with opportunity to interact and share ideas.